Passionate by supplying the world innovative and creative every day novelty candy products with leading licenses.
Where pleasure and business have gone happily hand in hand for more than 20 years. We are supplying retailers globally with a wide range of Confectionery & Toy products.

Welcome to our world

The world of BIP is a world of great Candy, innovative Candy & Toys, excellent licenses and a professional approach. All these ingredients combined give BIP a key position in the Candy, Candy Novelty and Toy world.

We are a manufacturer, distributor and inventor of Candy, Candy Novelties and Toys. Our head office is based in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we established dedicated sales offices in France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Since 1987, BIP has been active in supplying a wide range of confectionery and toy products to the following channels world wide:
  • Food retailers
  • Non-food retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Cash and Carry’s
  • Out of home
  • Drugstore chains
  • Specialty stores
BIP is selling it's products all around the world under the most popular children's licenses and launches many new products every year.

With our high standard of licensing branding, innovation and creativeness, plus our excellent knowledge of the market, BIP has become world market leader in it's category.

Welcome to the world of Candy, Candy Novelties and Toys.

BIP Holland B.V.

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4870 AC Etten-Leur
The Netherlands
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P.O. Box 104
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