Shimmer & Shine

The magical adventures of Shimmer & Shine – twin genies-in-training – are proving a hit with pre-schoolers on Nick Jr. as well as other FTA platform across Europe.

TV series is Free-to-Air in + 20 markets and on Google Play, Amazon Prime and iTunes.



• TV series is Free-to-Air in + 20 markets, besides Google Play, Amazon Prime and iTunes
• #1 show for kids 4-9 yrs across Sundays FTA channel Milkshake (UK)
•Season 3 launching from July 2017 with 20 episodes and new themes (New genies, New vehicles, New outfits, New Locations)
•2 iOS Apps available (Playtime with Shimmer & Shine’ & “Enchanted Carpet Ride) and one in development (Magical genies)
•4 online games available internationally (Genie Palace, Sparkle Sequence, Up and Away!, Jewel Time)
• Consumer Products line so far includes apparel, bedding, core dolls, accessories, role play, DVD and food.
• Top 10 Licensed Fashion Doll in the UK in 2017
• More than 300 licensing partners to date
• Better Together’ 360° marketing campaign rolling out from AW ‘17


Girls 3-5 years