Star Wars


The May 25, 1977 theatrical debut of Star Wars was destined to change the face of cinema forever. Star Wars became an instant classic and unparalleled box office success. From the mind of visionary George Lucas, the epic space fantasy grew into an ever expanding universe through 6 subsequent films, television, publishing, video games and much more. A new era of Star Wars is about to begin with the release of a new trilogy of Star Wars sequels.



  • Built on a 37 years of heritage, Star Wars is still the most powerful and successful boys license in the world
  • The 2nd tease trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens is officially the most viewed film trailer on YouTube in a 24 hour period with over 30 million views
  • The Force Awakens had a record breaking opening box office of $57M on the pre-showing day in America. Meaning The Force Awakens will end up with the record for the biggest opening weekend ever, surpassing Jurassic World and The Avengers
  • Worldwide box office record: $610,8 million in 6 days
  • The Force Awakens began its global assault, grossing $14,1 million from its first 12 international markets, eclipsing all previous Star Wars entries and placing the movie on the No.1 spot
  • New Star Wars movies announced in the upcoming 3 years. End 2016 Rogue One will hit the theatres
  • Ongoing support by Disney with games for Playstation, Xbox and monthly release of new Apps in the I-store/Google Play Store


Boys agedĀ 4-12

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