Trolls believe in the power of a hug, a song and a dance. Except one: Branch. He does not have a song in his heart and you will never catch him dancing. He feels the Trolls are unprepared for emergency situations, especially for the Bergens. As you can imagine a Bergen comes into town and takes all friends of Poppy. Poppy and Branch set off on a rescue to Bergentown. It will be a hair-raising adventure and everyone’s true colors will be revealed- in their Hair and in their Hearts.



  • All star voice cast; Anna Kendrick as Poppy, Justin Timberlake as Branch, James Corden as Biggie, Gwen Stefani as DJ Suki and so on
  • Trolls is the longest-selling doll line in the toy industry; for 60 years!
  • The movie will also appeal to mums as Trolls were global phenomenon end ‘80’s
  • Hasbro is the master toy licensee and will have products on shelves as of September 2016
  • From Q4 2017 onwards Netflix will be broadcasting Trolls TV series
  • From 2017 onwards Netflix will be broadcasting Trolls TV series
  • Q4 2018 Free To Air launch of Trolls TV series
  • 2019; Confirmed Theatrical release for Trolls 2


Girls 3-11 years