Yo Kai Watch


Yo-Kai Watch game and TV series follow 1 year old Nate, who gets a special watch empowering him to discover mysterious beings called Yo-Kai.  Yo-Kai are everywhere, causing little nuisances in our daily lives. Nate’s ongoing quest is to find out the reason for Yo-Kai’s mischievous behavior, with hopes of talking them out of it.



  • The franchise has sold over $2 billion in merchandise in its first 15 months in Japan alone
  • In 2016 the franchise is launched in +110 countries
  • #1 boys show in Spain on Boing (22%) and #1 show in France on Gulli (42%)
  • Toys on fire in Spain, Watch and Medals are in NPD top 5 toys
  • Hasbro’s UK fastest growing property
  • Watch is #1 toy in France for the last 4 weeks
  • 000 copies sold of the Video Game since Sep 2016



Boys 5-8 years