Candy & Toy

Combining Candy and Chocolate concepts with Toy and Gift products.

These products are designed to be fun and are branded with some of the world’s most popular children’s licensed characters.

All of our candy products use natural flavours and colours, and are free from any artificial additives.

The BIP Candy & Toy range is innovative creative and always of high quality!

Fruit & Toy

Combining healthy Fruit Snacks with Toy and Gift products.

We have ensured our Fruit Snacks are 100% natural, made from real fruit, providing children a healthier alternative of active Fun & Fruity products.

Our range again is created with the most popular children’s licensed characters focussing on active and/or healthy living concepts.


Fun children’s licensed character branded Toys, Gift and Stationary products.

During 2017 we will launch our first BIP & Toy products under the Disney license.

More info to come!