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BIP & Paw Patrol

In the summer of 2016 BIP Candy & Toy will introduce products under the license Paw Patrol. The animated series Paw Patrol is a Computer-Generated Imagery, action-adventure preschool series. The main roles in the new CGI, action-adventure preschool series are six heroic puppies called: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Puin and Sky. All six heroic pups have a different skill and a unique personality which makes them a strong team. Together they protect the “Adventure Bay”. Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Puin and Sky are led by a 10-year-old boy named: Ryder. No job is too small for this team! The products of BIP Candy & Toy under the license Paw Patrol are ideal as a gift, must have or as impulse item. BIP Candy & Toy will launch the following products under the license Paw Patrol:


Light Up Candy Fan: this product is a must have during the summer season. The fan at the top of the stick which rotates and lights up when you press the button, makes it very easy to cool down. You can also enjoy dextrose candies which are located at the bottom of the stick. The sweets in the Light Up Candy Fan are available in the flavours: Orange, pineapple and strawberry.


Lunch box: The lunchbox is the ideal product to collect your favorite accessories. It is also a great product for the “back-to-school” period. The lunchbox contains 10 marshmallows and every lunchbox has a different kind of puzzle inside. There are 8 unique puzzles to collect.


Swirl Pop: The swirl pop is a brightly colored lollipop with the shades of red and white. The Swirl Pop  has a fresh design. In addition, the Swirl Pop is an ideal impulse article, but the Swirl Pop can also be a gift product.