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Trollific New Products

In October 2016 Dreamworks released their new movie Trolls, which is already be proven to be a huge cinema success! Trolls is a hilarious, musical animated movie from the makers of Shrek. Trolls live in a colorful and wonderful world filled with hilarious and unforgettable creatures. They love singing, dancing and hugging each other. They are the opposite of the pessimistic Bergens, they are happy when they have a Troll in their stomach. The main characters in the movie are Poppy and Branch. Poppy is a troll who is always cheerful and has the talent to burst out in musical mash-ups. Together with the always gloomy troll Branch, she undertakes a rescue mission to save her friends from the hands of the dark Bergens.


BIP has developed a complete Trolls assortment of both candy and healthy snacking novelty products in various price categories. We even developed some items with real Trolls hair! For more information about our new Trolls range, please check our Trolls product page.