Candy & Toy
We combine candy with toys and gifts! Our products are designed to be fun and are branded with some of the world’s most popular children’s licensed characters. All of our candy products use natural flavours and colours, and are free from any artificial additives.
We combine chocolate products with the world’s most popular children’s licenses. We have a wide range of high quality chocolate products with innovative products and attractive licenses. Most of our products are portion sized packed and ideal for children consumption.  The production of our chocolate products is exclusively based in Europe to guarantee a high standard of chocolate quality.
Fruit & Toy
We combine healthy fruit snacks with toy and gift products. We have ensured our Fruit Snacks are 100% natural, made from real fruit, providing children a healthier alternative of active Fun & Fruity products. Our range again is created with the most popular children’s licensed characters focussing on active and/or healthy living concepts
Candy Water Shooter
Super Surprise
Globe Spinner
Fruity Coolfan
Chocolate Eggs Single
Ice Pops
Coffee-To-Go Mug
Coolfan with Candy
Fruity Super Surprise
Choco Stick
Pop Ups Lollipops
Fruity Super Surprise 3-Pack
Heart Shaped Tin
Chocolate Eggs 3-Pack
Fruity Straw Cup
Shaped Tin
Candy Cup Container
Jelly Pops